ASUS ZENFONE SELFIE REVIEW: Your Reliable Everyday Travel Companion

In the present day of Social Media, Picture taking is a must! from #Selfies and #OOTDs, to #TravelShots and #PictureofTheDay posts. However, you can get tired of the extra weight you have to endure because of the camera you carry (that sometimes limit your enjoyment during those fun moments), not to mention its steep price.

Now, you have a second option, your smartphone (which is significantly lighter and convenient!), But still, not all phone cameras are created equal and can take good pictures. Smartphones that do take quality photos can still be very pricey.

Now the question is, Would you still be able to take quality photos without the inconvenience and at a low expense? The good news is, YES YOU CAN!

I happily present to you, The Asus Zenfone Selfie! 🙂
I’ve spent a significant amount of time with my Selfie that is why I’m confident to share with you what I love about it.


Since I’m not really a “Tech-y” person , and what I look in the specs are just the things that I need like camera, battery and memory capacity, and etc. I will just show you The full specifications of the Asus Zenfone Selfie so that you may see what it’s all about:

Aside from the large, crisp, and clear display of the Selfie The feature that really stands out is the Front camera! (Well duh? It isn’t called a Selfie for no reason! HAHA) Unlike other smartphones, it boasts a 13 Megapixel front camera which I really love. (even my friends are blown away! 😉 )

I also like how thin and easy it is to hold. (Sometimes when it’s in my bag, it gets trapped in between my books and I get nervous because I thought I’ve already lost it! HAHAHA)

Yes! all the pictures in this Review are TAKEN USING ASUS ZENFONE SELFIE and all photos are UNEDITED for review purposes.

Here are more sample pictures:

Taken using Front cam in Normal Lighting with Beautification mode
Taken using Front Cam in Low Lighting
Taken using Rear Cam in Normal Lighting
Taken using Rear Cam in Low Lighting
Taken using Rear Cam in Normal Lighting on Panorama mode

I got my Asus Zenfone Selfie at Php 11,999! What a steal! And it comes with a variety of colors, there is surely one that will suit your personality, for more information about the Asus Zenfone Selfie, visit their website Here, or their Facebook page Here!
or check out Lazada. (They have an ongoing sale as of the moment of writing 🙂 )

So what are you waiting for? See what others can see!

For questions, Don’t forget to comment below!

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Macau: One-Day Love Story, A Wonderful Afternoon Stroll in Macau

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On our third day at Hong Kong, me and my friends decided to spend the afternoon at Macau. We got lost for almost an hour before we managed to get back on the right track. (Thanks to the helpful lady who helped us!)

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From the Hong Kong Macau ferry terminal, we took the TurboJet to get to Macau. Please take note that ticket price ranges from HKD 132 – 172, learn more about Turbojet HERE.
The trip was very comfortable and I was able to sleep the entire time.

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When I arrived in Macau, I was surprised on how different it was from Hong Kong. Even though the Chinese culture is there, The Portuguese influence is very visible, It felt like I’m transported to a country outside  Asia, I can’t help but smile while adoring the city view as we traveled through bus on our way to The Ruins of Saint Paul, it was love at first sight!

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Photo by Chenhuiting via Pixabay
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Photo by Tee2Tee via Pixabay

That afternoon, The Ruins of St. Paul was our first destination, it is the facade of the Church of Mater Dei ( built in 1602-1640) and was considered the greatest of Macau’s churches, but sadly, it was destroyed by fire in 1835. Nowadays, its beauty still remains, the baroque design of this granite facade is very inviting to both local and foreign tourists.

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I can’t help but take a picture on its grand stone stairs.

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Senado square (Largo do Senado) is just a walk away from The Ruins of St. Paul, it is one of the four largest square in Macau and was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005, as it forms part of the Historic Center of Macau.

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The square is also called “the fountain” because there was once a statue of a Portuguese army officer named “Vicente Nicolau de Mesquita” in its center (He pacified the Chinese Fort at Baishaling on 1849 which caused numerous deaths of Chinese soldiers.) during the era of Portuguese control. Later on, it was destroyed by the Chinese people and built a fountain on its place.

Along the paved road, you will see the historical white building called Santa Casa De Misericordia (built in 1569) and at the heart of the square, there is the St. Domingo’s Church (constructed in 1587).

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Many says that a day is enough to explore Macau, but somehow I disagree. I believe that there is more charm to this special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, than just being dubbed as “Las Vegas in Asia”, I wish I had more time to explore and appreciate its other parts.

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We took the free shuttle ride from the Central to get to The Venetian. (Ask the locals or other tourists for directions, they will gladly answer you.) We got off the bus at the City of Dreams (because it was their shuttle, Please don’t judge. Haha )  and walked our way to our destination.

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The Venetian, a Venice-themed luxury resort and casino located on Macau’s Coati strip, boasts its replica of the Grand Canal which is popular among tourists.

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Photo by Veltsu0 via Pixabay

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Gondolas carrying lovers (or friends? 😉 ) while the gondolier serenades them under the realistic bright blue sky was a lovely sight.

2016-06-03 03.14.10 1.jpg

Surprisingly,  I fell in love with Macau in just one day, but the time I spent there was very short, and I failed to be fully immersed with its culture deeper than the Portuguese influences that it charmingly possesses until now, I hope I will be able to visit again.

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Denim Jacket from Texwood, Dress from SM Dept. Store, Bag from Topshop, and Shoes from Michaela.

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For Guides and Tips on Travelling to Hong Kong, Read my post HERE.

Till next time!
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Do you have any suggestions on where I should visit next? Have you been to Macau and want to share your experiences? Do you have any questions? Comment below! 🙂



Hong Kong:The Ultimate Guide and Saving Tips for First Time Travelers to Hong Kong

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Maybe by now you’ve already booked that plane ticket, well congratulations to you! but what are you going to do now? I have listed some of the things that you need to know before travelling to Hong Kong especially if it’s your first time, Let’s Start!

1. Accommodation
It’s practical to stay at Tsim Sha Tsui area because everything you need can be easily accessed from there.  A lot of shops from local to High end brands can be found, convenience stores and restaurants are also all over the place, and did I mention transportation can easily be accessed from there?

Photo courtesy of

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Saving Tip:
Hostels are an amazing option if you want an affordable place to stay. You can search using Hostelworld, Agoda, or other booking sites. When I was at Hong Kong with my friends, we stayed at Canada Hotel located at Chung King Mansion. (Despite the reputation of Chungking Mansion which made me nervous at first) Our stay there was comfortable, we felt safe and the staff was very nice to us, they change the towels and clean our room every day, We even got a bottled water for free which we appreciated more while touring around Hong Kong, and later you will find out why!

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to food in Hong Kong, from Local, Japanese, Persian, American, and the list goes on! Just don’t be afraid to order just because you are not familiar with the food, and try to explore the area where you will be staying (even the small streets because sometimes that is where you can find gems.) Just take note that food in the airport is a bit pricey just like in some attractions like Disney Land and Ngong Ping Village. ( HKD 48-180)

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Saving Tip:
Skip that familiar fast food restaurants, Have a true feel of Hong Kong through food and eat at the local restaurants that offer more affordable meals. (price starts at HKD 28)

Share meals with your friend! while food in Hong Kong is a bit pricier from where I’ve come from, the serving is twice as much, especially in local restaurants, even at 7-Eleven.

BRING A WATER BOTTLE! Most of the time, the place you are staying provides free drinking water, you can just fill it up and save money because a bottled water in Hong Kong can be pricey! (But if you forgot yours, buy from stores other than 7-Eleven because they sell it at a higher price.)

“Very efficient” That is how I describe Hong Kong’s transportation system. Trains, Buses, Trams, and Cabs can be easily accessed and it can bring you to anywhere you want to go. Just don’t forget to have yourself an Octopus card for easy breezy trips especially on trains and buses.
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Saving tip: While train rides can get you to the places that you wanted to go, faster than other modes of transportation, it can be pricier. Bus rides on the other hand are very comfortable, you can also have a better view of the city while travelling, and most importantly it is cheaper! (Fare from airport to Tsim Sha Tsui was only around HKD 13)

Before planning what to wear, it is best to do research about how the weather is going to be. Comfort before style! Since you will be walking a lot, wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers and flats, also bring an umbrella just to be sure in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

Fashion Tip: Don’t be shy to dress up at Hong Kong! Most of the people who you will be encountering is dressed to nicely, From locals, who even wears suit and tie, to foreign visitors who are dressed to impress! so do yourself a favor and look extra cute in those tourist-y photos you will take.

You don’t have to learn how to speak the local language! Most of the locals know how to speak English and sometimes very accommodating enough to walk you to your destination when you’re asking for directions. Though some of the locals find it more challenging to speak English, you can just use the good ol’ pointing especially at restaurants and street markets.

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5.Where to go?
I recommend shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok area, there are a lot of shops and I repeat, A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Shop your heart’s desire and help yourself by saving time and energy, and don’t bother going to other areas anymore since most likely, you will be able what you’re looking for in this areas.

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Saving Tip:

Don’t be shy to practice your bargaining skills especially in the night market at Mongkok. Initially, the sellers will try to offer you their products at a very high price sometimes even twice the amount.
Some of the branded goods at Hong Kong can cost more than how much it cost in the at your country, so try to list down the prices of the things you wanted to buy and compare it to the price at Hong Kong, if it’s cheaper then what are you waiting for? Buy it!

Theme Parks

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Hong Kong Disney Land is always a good idea, it is the happiest place in the world after all, but if you’re more on the extreme side, don’t forget to visit Ocean Park! I wasn’t able to visit it though, because me and my friends decided to go to Macau instead. Know more about it HERE.

City Tour

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There are a lot of places you can go to in Hong Kong. We visited The Ngong Ping Village at Lantau Island and it was beautiful, you can also ride a cable car instead of riding a bus to go to the village from Tung Chung, the view was amazing. We also went to the avenue of the stars, Victoria Harbour and 3D museum at Tsim Sha Tsui all by foot.

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Saving Tip: Just like plane tickets, most of the tickets for theme parks, museums, cable cars, and etc. can be booked online, They offer great discounts and you’ll also be able to avoid long ticket lines and save time. (Thank me later!) Learn more about the free attractions in Hong Kong HERE!

I would like to thank my friend Louie for letting me use some of her pictures, MWAH!

Do you have any questions, or amazing tips and experiences you want to share? Don’t forget to comment below!

Till next time!
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Manila: A Glimpse of the Past in The National Museum of The Philippines

I’ve always wanted to visit The Philippine National Museum, but because of the busy schedule at school, and the fact that I don’t know how to go there, this plan was never realized, Until the last week of May, which also happens to be the National Heritage Month. (The admission is free during this month, awesome!)

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We first went  to the National Museum of Anthropology which houses the anthropology and archaeology divisions. There were a lot of interesting things in the exhibit such as full-sized cannons and helmets used by the Spanish soldiers 400 years ago, earthenware (some even have the Baybayin inscribed on them),Traditional clothing from different parts of the Philippines, and a lot more for your eyes to see.

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I wouldn’t mind taking the stairs if it was this nice!
(We took the elevator though when we were going down because our feet was already tired from walking around the 4 floors of the museum, but it was worth it!)

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Then we went to the National Museum of Fine Arts, (located just across the street from where the National Museum of Anthropology was.) it is housed in the old legislative building. The facade of the building had classical features using stylized Corinthian columns, ornamentation and Renaissance inspired sculptural forms.

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Upon entering the museum, you will be greeted by this beautiful sculpture.

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Behind it is the room where the largest panting in the Philippines is displayed, The Spoliarium by Juan Luna (painted in 1884). Some of the paintings in the museum were like windows of the past showing the daily lives of the people as well as their sufferings.
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While walking around the museum, you will see a lot of beautiful paintings which reflects the Filipino culture and at the same time showcasing the talent of the Filipino painters, it was even exhibited on bright walls which I found very pleasing in the eyes.

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Look at how beautiful this staircase is! (taking a picture is a definitely a must)

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Special thanks to my dear brother for accompanying me 🙂
Have you already visited The Philippine National Museum? if not, try to come and visit  soon! for more information, go to their website HERE

Till next time!
Camille ❤